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The backcountry ski and Splitboard is growing exponentially in Tierra del Fuego, here we leave you a brief summary of this beautiful alternative to go out and explore our land!

Ushuaia is framed by the mountains that are part of the mountain chain called Andes, this direction West-East is a difference of almost all its length North-South. It has around 1500 meters of mountains with hanging glaciers, valleys of glacial origin and the limit of vegetation at 500 meters. All these factors make a unique place for skiers of the Crossing or Randonee and Splitboarders and to ski glaciers overlooking the sea in very few places in the world. The proximity of the limit of the vegetation in the relation in the time of ascent is very little reason why to few minutes of the march one can be in a playground where the possibilities of ski are infinite in certain places.

How is the snow in Tierra del Fuego-Ushuaia?

The mantle of snow in Ushuaia and its surroundings is a type of oceanic mantle. The composition is subject to intense but short snowfalls compared to the continental climate. The snow can be kept dry and in the dust for several days. But in general, on social networks, in places where we can find large amounts of snow. This type of time is, in general, more stable than in other climates, since it is also a little more consolidated with little temperature gradient. Mountain Skiing Guides that we can carry out!

Slopes with sun, lines of constant degree, good snow in all its length, and possibility of doing arias lowered in a day that only you can find in Ushuaia! Our favorite places to do cross-country skiing in Tierra del Fuego are:

  •  Martial Glacier: It has three contiguous glaciers, easy access and clear lines with good visibility. The good thing is that it is only 10 minutes from your hotel in Ushuaia you can be placing your skis!

  • Olum Valley: Valley near the city with endless lines with sun and good snow. The good thing You can do more than three descents and want more!

  •  Paso Garibaldi: Sector further away but beautiful. The good The views that this place has in the central lakes of Tierra del Fuego such as Lago Escondido and Lago Fagnano are unique !!!

For all this, we invite you to have fun skiing, cross-country skiing, skiing, skiing and splitboarding and contacts with us who are specialists in the activity and the playground!

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