How to dress for Trekking in Tierra del Fuego


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Clothing is essential when undertaking a trekking or climbing a mountain in the southern zone of Patagonia. The climate is very changing in these latitudes and that is why we must take special precautions.

Patagonia, pristine and wild place. Every day he gives us different landscapes that fill the pupils so as not to forget them. Also from one moment to the next can become a problem if we are not well equipped. That is why we leave you a series of Patagonian Tips so that your outings with Guias del Sur Mountain Specialists are super comfortable and fun!

• Dressing in layers. This means that it is preferable to have several layers of fine clothing and not a few and large jackets. This is ideal in such a changing climate where we put on and take off all the time. The first layer should be synthetic and well breathable like the second one, which is what we are going to use the most in the walks. The second layer can be a synthetic long sleeve diver with full closure. A coat jacket type jacket and a jacket for water type Gore Tex. In the legs we can use two layers and we will be fine, the first a synthetic trekking pants and have in the backpack a trouser for water type Gore Tex.
• Bring gloves and hat in the backpack
• Eyeglasses for thigh to protect the ankle and recommended to be Water Proof.
• The backpack we recommend one of 30 to 40 liters for the day walks and for the several days one of 60 to 80 liters to be comfortable.
• Trekking boots should be high to protect the ankle and recommended to be Water Proof • Have sunscreen, spare socks, photo camera and a trekking cane in the backpack
• And really want to enjoy !!

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